Founded in 2005 by Matthew Pisarski, AICP, PP, Pine Mount Consulting provides specialized services in heritage programming and community development.


Services concentrate on a comprehensive approach, recognizing that structures respond to their surroundings, which in turn are influenced by regional priorities.  HABS documentation, historic research, district nominations, land preservation, grant writing and administration are all components of Pine Mount’s expertise, but what sets Pine Mount Consulting apart from other firms is its attention to relational influences.  How does a non-profit with an interest in preserving its historic building respond to a municipality intent on new development?  How does the targeting of open space preservation in a region impact land values?  By analyzing and understanding these relationships Pine Mount Consulting is able to reveal to its clients the underlying issues which help inform effective decisions.

With a graduate degree in Historic Preservation from the University of Pennsylvania, and extensive experience with a variety of community planning situations, Matthew has concentrated on assisting predominantly non-profit organizations fulfill their goals of improving their heritage stewardship and advancing their interests in improving the communities in which they are located.  As the Assistant Planning Director for Cumberland County, New Jersey, Matthew has worked extensively with local, state and federal agencies in historic preservation, land preservation, cultural programming and community planning.

Pine Mount Consulting has been officially certified under 36 CFR Part 61, National Park Service Professional Qualification Standards as meeting or exceeding the qualifications to practice professional historic preservation services in both the State of New Jersey and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Pine Mount Consulting is officially registered as a Small Business Enterprise in the State of New Jersey.